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Build a Great Foundation/Be a Forever Student
/Test the Relationship/Perform at our best

My horses have taught me so much, I am forever grateful, because now I can sharing my experiences and help other horses and riders achieve their dreams too.


We never stop improving, of course we have our 'off-days', but I have learnt to observe, think about it and then try again, maybe with a slight different approach.  I'm always listening to my horses and this means I can ask a lot of them, when they are in the right place - mentally, emotionally and physically - they offer me more than I thought possible.


Ever since I was a child I have wanted to Event, I got the cross country bug at my very first Pony Club camp riding my little 12.2hh Welshie. Galloping (it seemed like galloping at the time) over the fields and jumping rustic fences was just such a trill, and it has never left me. 


My plans don't always go to plan - with horses what does?! - but this year I will be competing in British Eventing at Grassroots level and I'm really looking forward to getting out there and seeing what we can do.


For me competing isn't about winning rosettes or prizes, but about taking my horsemanship to a competitive level and testing the relationship, the foundation and the mental and emotional fitness of both myself and my horses.



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