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Based in the heart of the south of England, Harmony Equitation and Natural Livery, we provide a range of services. By combining horse behaviour and natural biomechanics we are able to create a horse friendly, ethical training methodology that treats all horses as individuals.


Natural Livery 

We offer Natural Livery services on a track system. “Track Systems” or the original term “Paddock Paradise” was developed by Jaime Jackson based on his observations of wild horses in the Great Basin. 
Horses in nature live in social groups, moving together from resource to resource, they have a “home range” an
d follow paths or “tracks” from one place to the next. Track Livery mimics these natural habitats and offer our domestic horses a chance to live like their wild cousins. 

Track graphic3.png


Our rehabilitation livery service is tailored to your horse’s needs. Feel free to contact us to book a rehabilitation consultation with Jennie to discuss your horse’s needs. 

Alongside being the owner of Harmony Equitation and Natural Livery, Jennie is a certified ISNCHP trimmer and instructor. Based in Leigh, Cotswolds, Jennie offers her trimming services covering Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. You can book a trim by contacting us via email or Facebook message. 

Facilities Hire

We also offer Indoor Arena bookings on our ‘Facilities Hire’ page on our website. 


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