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ISNHCP Trimming & Instruction

Jennie Blakehill 


Jennie Blakehill is a qualified barefoot trimmer with the ISNHCP.  Training with many experts around the world over the last 5 years, in 2022 Jennie trained directly with Jaime Jackson to become a ISNHCP Instructor who is able to teach all training steps and provide field exams.

Jennie has years of experience with rehab cases and offers both consultation, trimming for rehab horses and a full rehab service at her natural livery facility in Wiltshire, UK.  Please contact Jennie directly via email or telephone for a discussion about your horse's needs.


Training to be an ISNHCP barefoot trimmer:

Now you can train in the UK with ISNHCP registered instructors Jennie Blakehill and Grace Diveney. 

For more information on the new 2023 training program please visit the ISNHCP website, click the button below. 

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