Barefoot Transitioning/Lameness/Behavioural Issues

Many horses are written off, we put them back together

Receiving a diagnosis that requires comprehensive rehabilitation is heartbreaking.  We all try our best for our horses but sometime the worst can happen.


Having the time and expertise for complex rehabilitation is not possible for everyone.


The services we offer provide a completely holistic approach to equine wellness.  We have a team of specialist that we have worked with for year providing excellent support for the process to health and recovery.  

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Rupert out competing after rehab

Back to basics - Diet - Environment

Reset your horse's system by allowing him to thrive in a natural environment with a carefully balanced natural diet.

Barefoot - the begin of soundness

Barefoot transitioning with a Natural Trimming specialist will allow your horse to feel his feet and begin to understand how to use his body again

Natural Balance Training

Natural Balance Training is a way of teaching the horse to move again in a sound and consistent way without the use of force or gadgets.  True re-education of the horse's way of going has to come from the horse, but we can show them the way back to soundness

Bodywork & Therapy

The horse's body works hard and in a time of crisis needs extra help in gentle way.  We have the wonderful support

of Donna Blinman, Equine Osteopath .  In addition we use Activomed Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy and Massage system. And newly we have an Arc Equine for whole body support.

Natural Balance Density

Specialist support provided by Fiona Pimm at Connected Natural.  A new field of dentistry that addresses the function of the Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) and respects how changing the teeth links to the position of the jaw, head and spine.

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