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Testimonials from clients
See below some feedback from clients of private lessons, clinics, camps and hoof trimming.

Naomi S

Magical 3-day liberty & bridleless riding clinic with Jennie Blakehill of Harmony Equitation! Jennie’s sensitive & comprehensive instruction helped me to find a deeper level of connection with my horse & we consequently understand each other a whole lot better. Money & time very well spent & we’ll definitely be back for more.

Caroline H

 Jennie is a constructive, patient and knowledgeable teacher.  I think the method Jennie follows for  training is a must and should be a starting point for all equestrian disciplines.

Ali A

I would highly recommend attending Jennie’s clinics, even if its not something you wish to do long term, it’s a great way to form a bond with your horse and learn, not only about them but yourself too. It’s a wonderful grounding and you will see immediate results, but like anything the more you practice the more you will get from it and Jennie offers you the opportunity to experience this beautiful, relaxing approach. 


The themes of the clinics I have attended so far have been new to us both (horse and owner), both of us were very anxious but we needn’t have worried; Jennie’s undercover school offers a welcoming, relaxing sanctuary where we both felt immediately comfortable and secure, so we could relax with each other – thank you Jennie.

Emily R

Jennie was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to make several recommendations of how to move forwards.

Jodie K

The difference in Cleo (with everything) since having lessons with Jennie is almost unbelievable, she’s like a totally different horse! 


 Just thought I’d pop you a quick message after our latest schooling session. 


Cleo has just gone the best she ever has, bend on both reins without the awkward “I don’t want to” and stepping underneath nicely in the lateral work. 

Even offering canter when trotting circles.

Emily R

I first contacted Jennie (Harmony Equitation) back in Jan 2023 to trim my daughters little welsh A.

We got chatted about all things feet and when I mentioned I had another pony who was currently lame (shod) she offered to have a look at him for me.

Jennie was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to make several recommendations of how to move forwards. I wasn’t happy with the work my farrier had done and wanted to try this pony barefoot. Jennie didn’t push barefoot on to me, instead she gave me the reasons and confidence to give it a go, despite plenty of other opinions telling me to keep the shoes on!!

The pony had an MRI which showed mild changes to his collateral ligament and some coffin joint issues, mainly as a result of poor balance.

I had the pony’s shoes removed and over the next six months rehabbed the pony back to soundness and eventually full work.

Jennie was on hand for advice the whole way through (regarding diet, movement, lifestyle and boots) and regularly checked his foot balance.


She always worked sympathetically with my ponies and clearly loves what she does. 

My boy is now back to full work and loving life again. To say I’m delighted with the outcome is an understatement. His feet have improved in shape, balance, strength and horn quality and he is back doing the job he loves! 

I can’t thank Jennie enough for helping me find a way through. When we met at the beginning of the year I was feeling very low and uncertain about the future of this special pony, but she helped me to trust my gut and move forwards to find a better outcome.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jennie to anyone wanting to make the transition to barefoot or to rehab a horse from injury. She is very knowledgeable, trust worthy and she is a lovely person to spend time with!

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