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Horse behaviour can sometimes be a mystery to us, as humans we view the world in such a different way to our equine companions. To create harmony, you must first create understanding, communication and balance.


Balance in the horse - mental, emotional and physical balance, and balance in the rider - mental, emotional and physical balance. 

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By starting training with the horse's view of the world in mind we can have a conversation that is two way communication, rather than the "Do this, because I said so, or there will be consequences you won't like" method which we can unwittingly buy into, because that's the way it's always been done or perhaps it's what we have been told, afterall if that's the way top riders do it and they win medals - surely it's right?


As humans we are great inovators, great at fixing things.  If the horse isn't doing it right then there must be a better bit, a schooling aid, tigher noseband, sharper spurs, a longer whip to make him do it!


My approach is always to use communication and positive training methods, NEVER a mechanical aid that will prevent a horse from expressing himself and finding the answer without being forced into it.


Everything from the basics - leading, trailer loading, hacking out - to the more advanced work of self carriage, lateral manueuers and half-steps, can be achieved by developing the horse and rider together so that true harmony can exist.



your horse...


We observe our horses a lot and can easily label their behaviour - "He's really naughty today!" - "She's so stupid, spooking at everything!" - "He's soooo LAZY - why??" - "One minute she's fine, the next she's having a meltdown".  I can help you to understand why they do what they do, how to help them be better and how to develop their talents.

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Whether you are a novice rider just starting out, a rider who has lost their confidence or a seasoned competitor stepping up class, I can help you to realise your dreams with your horse.

Put the fun back into learning


It's easy to get hung up on what is wrong and forget to celebrate what is right!

Developing a great partnership with your horse is all about understanding each other.

Take the stress out of the situation, build a good relationship first and then you can do anything together!


Horse  Training

Horse  Training


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