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There is a really good reason why I have called my business Harmony Horsemanship - because I truly believe that this is what we should strive for always with our horses.


I have had horses all my life, I don't remember a time without them, really.  They are just part of me.

My journey has been interesting and challenging for sure but I know these challenges have made me a better horseman. 


As a horseman and as a teacher I believe that everyone and every horse can be developed to fulfil their potential.  The journey may not be the one you expect but you will find your path to sucess in your own way.


I believe in keeping and managing horses in the most natural way possible; diet, environment and training that is more tailored to the horse's needs will enable horses to be happier, healthier and live productive lives.


As science begins to catch-up with observational knowledge we can begin to see how some of the modern horsecare and training methods are actually extremely detrimental to horses and their mental, emotional and physical needs.


My eductation in horse is not just in training, but also diet, hoofcare, denistry, psychology and bodyworking.  I have an amazing support team that provide me with specalist services and I am learning all the time.


I learnt to ride when I was about 2yrs old, my Grandmother brought me a welsh pony named Pippen - I was hooked.  Every weekend and after school was spent at the horses and school holidays were ponytime.  I worked hard, we did everything ourselves, I learnt to build stables, jumps, put up fencing, rake arenas.  It may have seemd odd to all my firends at school but it was a way of life and I won't change it of anything.


When I was a child I did a bit of everything; showing, jumping, hunter-trials, pinic rides.  As a teenager I had decided that eventing was my passion - cross country was just too fun.  I competed at Area Level for my Pony Club in Showjumping, Dressage and Eventing.


I always dreamed of eventing but never really had the time, the money or knowledge to pursue that dream is a serious way.

My History

My Education


From 2010 to 2015 I studied Natural Horsemanship with the Parelli Program.  Attending numerous workshops and clinic.  I spent 4weeks on the UK Campus and passed my Fast-Track in 2013.  In May 2015 I sucessfully completed the 10-week intensive horsemanship course.


I studied Marijke de Jong's Straightness Training program from 2014-2016.

I am currently studying Science of Motion with Jean Luc Cormille.


I am also studying to become a qualified barefoot practitioner with Jaime Jackson ISNHCP. 


Some of my biggest influences are -


James Roberts (Parelli)

Sam Caporn (Parelli)

Russell Higgins (Parelli)

Charlotte Denis (Natural Horsemanship)

Elaine Coxon (Straightness Training)

Marijke de Jong (Straightness Training)

Jaime Jackson (Natural Barefoot Trimming)

most recently and most signifacantly - Jean Luc Cornille (Science of Motion)

My Journey

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