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There is no such thing as a 'useless horse', every horse has a talent.

There is no such thing a 'rubbish rider', everyone can learn to be better with horses.


It's easy to be put on the 'scrapheap', negativity is rife in our daily lives, and this can creep into our horsemanship too. Fear, frustration, feeling inadequate - these negative feeling are passed on to our horses, they read us like a book. How can we change our horses for the better when we are stuck in a downward spiral? 


To help horses to become better, firstly we must address the relationship between horse and rider.  If there is a problem in the training, there is a problem in communication. By changing the way we relate to the horse and how we communicate we can develop a deeper bond and a mutual understanding that remains strong even in testing circumstances. 

Individual Coaching Session 1hr


One to one session either at our facilities at Pound Farm or traveling to you

Joint Coaching Session 1hr

£50/hr (or £25 per person)

It's great to learn with friends, a joint session is designed for two people with similar goals and needs

Group Session Minimum 2hrs

£100 for 2 hrs upto 4 people

A group session is a fun way to get together with friends and share your learning journey

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My coaching style is positive and encouraging, always working in the realms of the possible, setting horse and rider on the path to a successful and fulfilled relationship.


The process is not instant, there is no magic wand or quick fix, but usually within the first session horse and rider have made some positive changes that will enable them to progress towards their goals.

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